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Our take on the benefits of annual supplies

One Take Workshops is an ongoing video series from CooperVision® where we present viewpoints on a range of topics in short, engaging segments designed to be easily watched in a single sitting.

Our inaugural topic is Annual Supplies of 1-day SiHy contact lenses. In three episodes hosted by Steve Rosinski, OD, Senior Manager North America Professional & Academic Affairs, we explore the topic from multiple angles.

Part 1 highlights the numerous benefits for your patients and for your practice when you sell annual supplies Based on Dr. Rosinski’s experience from his own time in practice, he walks through the patients’ financial and health benefits and the practices’ benefits of patient retention, loyalty, and increased ocular health through more frequent eye exams.

Part 2 explains the various touchpoints a practice has with patients and how each presents an opportunity to discuss and encourage the purchase of an annual supply. Five interactions provide the opportunity to stress the many health benefits of a fresh pair of 1-day SiHy lenses every day and the budget benefits of buying them in an annual supply.

Part 3 discusses the inevitable questions you will hear from patients around annual supplies and how to answer them to bring a level of assurance about their purchase. Dr. Rosinski examines a handful of these and arms you with a talk track to answer any concerns they may have.

Annual Supplies is CooperVision’s first take on One Take Workshops. Additional episodes addressing a variety of topics with the insight of a team of experts are in the future. Each will be sure to offer information useful to building a stronger practice—with a few visual surprises to keep things interesting.

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