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Enduring performance meets a new look.

Performance meets comfort. Loyalty1 meets retention.2 AQUACLEAR® has always been one brand where everything comes together. For your practice. For your patients. Now this celebrated Vision Source® exclusive brand has a new look. But don’t worry, AQUACLEAR® still has all the same sought-after features in monthly and 2-week replacement schedules—in a family big enough to suit nearly every patient.3 From those experiencing digital eye strain to those dealing with presbyopia or astigmatism.3

As always, where trust4 meets love.5

AQUACLEAR® shares its lens design with the most prescribed monthly replacement brand on the market6—the same design professionals trust4 and patients love.5

AQUACLEAR® PREMIUM: For digital eye strain.

Innovative lens design meets natural wettability to help with symptoms commonly associated with digital eye strain—eye tiredness and dryness. AQUACLEAR® PREMIUM features Digital Zone Optics® lens design to help with tiredness and can help reduce ciliary muscle stress associated with digital device use.7 The lens retains moisture and soothes tired eyes during periods of prolonged focus on digital devices, when blinking may be reduced. And 94% of patients agree that AQUACLEAR® PREMIUM lens design helps their eyes not feel strained.8

AQUACLEAR® TORIC: Trusted for astigmatism.

Offer patients the same design as the most prescribed toric lens on the market.6 AQUACLEAR® TORIC features Optimized Toric Lens Geometry for predictable, consistent visual acuity and lens stability. 9 out of 10 patients surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that AQUACLEAR® TORIC lenses are the best they’ve ever worn.9

AQUACLEAR® MULTIFOCAL: Simple fittings meet individual approach.

  • Balanced Progressive® Technology. Lens zones optimized for each sphere and ADD power. Allows for an individualized fitting for each wearer and eye.
  • Simple, individual fitting approach. Fittings made fast, easy, and accurate with free OptiExpert fitting app to save valuable chair time.10 Access the OptiExpert app at the top of the website navigation now to check it out for yourself!
  • 98% of wearers can successfully be fit with AQUACLEAR® MULTIFOCAL using 2 pairs of lenses or less with the fitting guide and OptiExpert.10

AQUACLEAR® 110 and 110 TORIC: Clear, consistent, and comfortable.

Offer patients who prefer a 2-week replacement schedule everything they love about AQUACLEAR®. Research shows that patients gave this lens design the same grades for comfort, vision quality, less dryness, and overall satisfaction when compared to ACUVUE® OASYS®.11 And AQUACLEAR® 110 TORIC features Optimized Toric Lens Geometry, the same design as the most-prescribed6 monthly toric lens design, rated ahead of the market-leading 2-week toric, ACUVUE® OASYS® FOR ASTIGMATISM.12

Tools that do more to help you reach your patients.

To encourage patients to visit your office and ask about AQUACLEAR® when they see you, we’ve assembled a collection of digital marketing materials for your practice. Your patients can see these messages via your practice’s website, social media accounts, and emails. They’re all available for easy download right here.

Download your AQUACLEAR® marketing assets today under “Further insight.”


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